Monday, July 9, 2012

SYC Is an Important Experience

So here we are a week away from tech for Urinetown: The Musical, and the young people who are part of this year’s SYC are doing a FANTASTIC job. Watching them intersect with our professional company of artists, artisans and stage managers has been incredible, and I am thrilled for the experience they are having.
We forget sometimes that the theatre can do for young people what we know that sports can also provide. Teamwork, collaboration, empowerment, time-management skills, preparation and discipline are all life-skills being developed through this program and will serve these young people very well in whatever career they end up choosing for themselves.
We have taken our time to figure out how best to serve the young people in our region, and after a year off to study how to be most impactful, we are excited for this year’s performance and the structure of the entire SYC program which includes Theatre Quest for younger students, and a rehearsal and performance component for the older students. We have combined this with a technical production unit, so that we are serving multiple groups in targeted ways.
The SYC is as important a part of PlayMakers work as anything else we do and I can’t wait to see the results of all of their hard work.
See you at the theatre!

Joseph Haj,
Producing Artistic Director

Urinetown:The Musical will be showing July 19, 2012 - July 22, 2012
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